Purveyors of the finest quality 100% Pure,
Certified Organic Canadian Maple Syrup, blended in small batches.

Stone Maple Trading honours the craft of bottling real Ontario Maple Syrup harvested from established sugar maple woodlots. Maple Syrup, nature’s sweetener, has long been recognized as part of the cultural fabric of Canada. Sourced and sustainably produced in the tradition first established by Canada’s First Nations, Stone Maple Trading invites you to enjoy this iconic Canadian delight: our pure Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup.

Our Story

Stone Maple Trading was founded after our President, Graham Kittmer, travelled throughout Europe and was surprised to discover that maple syrup was in short supply. With this in mind, Graham set out to bring the sweet taste of Canada overseas, sourcing the finest pure Ontario Maple Syrup to bear the Stone Maple Trading Label.

“Ensuring only the finest Canadian Maple Syrup, personally selected for you to serve and share with your family and friends.”

–Graham Kittmer
Stone Maple Trading

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