Stone Maple Trading Maple Syrup has a silky texture with a delicate, velvety taste

The Process

Spring brings melting snow – the long awaited signal that the Canadian winter is over, heralded by running sap and the smell of wood smoke announcing the first batches of Ontario maple syrup. Stone Maple Trading bottles the finest Pure Canadian Grade A Amber Maple Syrup, sourced from woodlots rich in fruitful sugar maples and crafted in small, traceable batches.

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Maple Syrup Process

Step One

First Nations were the first to discover how to harvest maple sap and make it into maple syrup and maple sugar. Sap was collected in birch bark pails and boiled in clay or metal kettles on a wood burning fire—this method was used for centuries before innovation took over.

Maple Syrup Process

Step Two

Larger scale operations now use a pipeline system where all sap flows to a holding tank using a vacuum pump or through natural gravity.

Maple Syrup Process

Step Three

Collected sap is put through a reverse osmosis process which separates a good portion of the water from the maple sap, leaving a concentrate that goes into the evaporator.

Maple Syrup Process

Step Four

Evaporators boil the maple sap that has been collected and in doing so evaporate the excess water in the sap. The sap is quality tested until it reaches the proper parameters and has been successfully made into quality maple syrup.

Maple Syrup Process

Step Five

The maple syrup then goes through a filtration process before it is bottled.

Maple Syrup Process

Step Six

Take home, use, and enjoy!


Long recognized as the quintessential accompaniment to pancakes and French toast at breakfast, maple syrup is seeping into other non-traditional dishes.

  • drizzle over ice cream or apple pie to instantly up the gourmet quotient
  • glaze for carrots, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes or squash
  • use maple syrup in place of refined sugar as a natural sweetener
  • drizzle over salmon or roasted pork
  • add to salad dressings
  • enhance cocktails

Health Benefits

  • high in Manganese, Riboflavin and Zinc
  • no additives or preservatives
  • nature’s original sweetener
  • certified organic
  • rich in antioxidants
  • lower caloric intake than corn syrup or honey



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